Darkside Tactical is a full service gunsmithing shop. We offer any service you could need for your weapons, including any of the following.

  • Barrel Replacement
  • Muzzle Device (flash hider/compensator) installation
  • Trigger Upgrades
  • Handguard Replacement
  • Optics / Sight Installation
  • Anything else you could need

FFL Weapons transfer

For a small fee of $35.00 we will write up your paperwork for a weapon sale and run a background check on the buyer. This will eliminate the chance of selling a weapon to someone who should not own it. We have seen many revoked CWPs in the shop for transfers. Just because a buyer has a CWP card does not mean it is valid.

Build your own rifle

Let our experts help you spec out your perfect black rifle or handgun.


We contract with the best in Utah to bring you training on your weapons. From Concealed Carry classes to force-on-force tactics, close quarters, handgun/rifle/shotgun and home defense.